Hard Water Spot Cleaning Solutions

Have you ever had to tackle hard water stains? Hard water stains is easy to find here in St George, Utah. Hard water stains are usually found on outside windows from sprinkler over-spray, kitchen sinks, insides of dishwashers, and on shower doors and shower paneling.

Travis has found that CLR cleaner is the best solution to use on these stubborn hard water stains and spots. CLR cleaner is found at most stores that sell cleaning solutions.
  1. Apply directly on a cloth or sponge
  2. Wipe generously on surface (you may want to test a small sample of the surface)
  3. Let the solution sit, but don't let it dry
  4. Before it dries, scrub and rinse with water immediately
  5. Be careful not to get the solution onto any other surfaces, especially stucco because it could cause discoleration on some surfaces

If you are having issues getting those hard water stains off, or you would rather have a professional do the job, call Travis and set up an appointment!
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