About Us


Travis is the owner and founder of Travis' Window and Blind Cleaning. Travis started his window and blind cleaning business in 2004. As business grew in St George and Southern Utah, he expanded to Carpet and Tile Cleaning.

He now offers a wide arrangement of cleaning services including grout cleaning and sealing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and general home cleaning.


If Travis' is not there to clean, then Cory is. Or if you get lucky, you'll get the best of both worlds; Travis and Cory! Cory is a quick, friendly, and very efficient at all of the services that Travis' Window and Blind Cleaning offer.

As a small, home-town business located in St George Utah, we are a trusting and honest business that you can depend on. Not only will we get the job done right, we will get it done in a timely manner. If you're looking for a window cleaner, blind cleaner, carpet cleaner, or any type of cleaner to help your home or business look more beautiful, you've found the right place! Contact us today!


Travis' Window and Blind Cleaning

Phone: 435.632.6704
Email: traviscleaning@hotmail.com